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Our Story

Our team is highly trained in DOT, OSHA, and EPA safety compliance. We are a family owned business and depend on our relationships with customers to create a safe environment for workers, drivers, employees, and the general public. The LMS staff participates in continuing education daily in order to provide the latest information to our customers on the ever changing regulations.


Our Founding

Louie Munn Services was founded in Hattiesburg, MS by Louie Munn in 2003. The beginning of the company was focused on helping local fuel companies stay in line with DOT and help train their drivers on the responsibilities of driving a commercial vehicle. Through on-site training, audit response, and phone consultation, Louie Munn was able to grow the company well beyond just a small business.

A Family Business

As Louie grew the small consulting business into a multi-state organization, he needed some help. He looked no further than his family. By 2007, Louie had hired his wife and all four sons to help him grow and maintain the business. As the sons took on more work, Louie Munn Services diversified into different industries and occupations. However, safety remained the company's number one priority.

Munn Family
Online Traning App

Online Training

In 2013, Louie Munn Services diversified into areas of expertise outside of just DOT consulting and on-site training. With a new website and capability to deliver online training, LMS began offering online safety training to their customers. This new service gave annual customers the power to train more efficiently and effectively.

SaferHub LMS

With the success of online training on the website, Louie Munn Services aggressively invested into a new learning management system called SaferHub in 2015. SaferHub gave Louie Munn Services customers the ability to train, track, and maintain all training records online. SaferHub has become a core tenet of our services offered to annual customers.

Multiple Devices
Growing Technology

Growing Into The Future

As Louie Munn Services grows into the future, safety couldn't be more important in the world. As government regulations become more stringent and insurance cracking down on companies' safety programs, we are here to help your company grow your safety program into a sophisticated, technological and proactive safety culture. We're developing new programs and bringing new faces in to help stay on top of all safety-related functions in our industry.