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Comprehensive DOT Consulting

Proven Compliance and Safety Solutions You Can Trust

Officer Training

Policies and

Drug and Alcohol

Driver and
Employee Training


Materials Program

LMS Annual Program

LMS Annual Programs provide the ultimate level of around-the-clock safety and compliance security for your business. Write a single check each year that covers every service we offer. As your trusted partner, whether you need an answer to a question via a quick phone call or want to schedule a formal meeting to address serious concerns, we are there whenever you need us. To discuss establishing an annual compliance program, please contact us.



The First Step to Improving Your Safety Program

Develop your company’s Transportation Safety Compliance Program in accordance with FMCSA standards.



Implementing Our Services: Onsite Consultation & Training

After new clients partner with us, we will start to implement Louie Munn Services compliance services.

  • Review and implement the most up-to-date transportation compliance standards.
  • Employee and management training on customized safety and health programs in accordance with applicable DOT standards
  • Train your on-site compliance officer in the day-to-day compliance requirements.


Maintenance is Needed! Ongoing Services

Safety does not happen overnight! That’s why our annual program continues to help you implement your safety program.

  • Help maintain a strong safety culture with a goal to manage compliance, liability, & best practices.
  • Provide a lifeline to your compliance officer via onsite, phone, email, & webcast consultation 24 hours a day.
  • Periodic review of your safety scores and custom-built solutions to fit your compliance needs.

No matter where your company’s safety program currently stands, we encourage you to contact us today so that we can help you to determine what your company needs to do to become DOT compliant, beef up your safety program, or to go over and above and achieve your safety goals.

DOT Compliance Services

Online Training

Under the LMS Annual Program, your company drivers and employees will enjoy unlimited access to all of the LMS online training modules. The online training is easy, fast, and ideal for newly hired drivers as well as refresher training for your seasoned drivers and employees. Modules include Forklift Training, CDL Driver Regulatory Safety Orientation, NON-CDL Driver Regulatory Safety Orientation, HAZMAT Employee Training and Certification, and Daily Vehicle Inspection Procedures and Training.

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Compliance Officer Training

The LMS Compliance Specialist will train your on-site compliance officer in the day-to-day compliance requirements. Topics will include: New Driver Hiring Procedures, Driver Qualifications, Hours of Service Auditing, Maintenance Program, Drug, and Alcohol program, and all applicable compliance safety issues.

Audit Response

In the event that you are notified of a DOT Safety Audit during the program year, an LMS Audit Specialist will conduct a thorough audit prepartion prior to the audit and manage the entire auditing process from beginning to end. All DOT related correspondence and issues will be addressed by the Audit Specialist.

Policies and Procedures

LMS will provide the required compliance policies and procedures that includes, but is not limited to, Driver Compliance Safety Policy, Driver Disciplinary Policy, Vehicle Maintenance Policy, Substance Abuse Policy as well as Safety Meeting Materials.